Exploring the mountains of Lofoten Islands has to be a vertical experience.

There is so much more about the landscape then scenic fjords with the lonely beaches. It is also about dramatic mountains, sometimes nearly impossible to climb. It’s about the contrast of light and shadow, water and rocks. It is about the constant change of light, a ballett of pink and blue.
The Islands offer countless possiblities, each of them creating an unforgettable experience. There is no need to be a Alpine specialist – it does help though; especially during Norway’s winter.


Especially the area around Reine (and of course Sakirsoya and Hamnoya) offers tons of views to incredibly steep mountains. Olstinde mountain, combined with the yellow houses of Sakrisoy, is definetly a must see for all – best seen from Olenilsoya. The landscape around Kerkfjorden / Reine is worth the sometimes pretty strenuous hiking.

While most of the views are easily accessible by short walks, the real deal is about exploring and conquering. To prepare yourself properly, you should check out this map of Lofoten Mountains.