The Engadin valley is a beautiful alpine region around the famous village of St. Moritz in the Canton Graubünden.

St. Moritz, the mountains and its glaciers. Somewhere behind God’s bank of fog.

The region offers tons of hiking possibilities. Glaciers around Piz Bernia and Piz Palü like the dying Morteratsch Glacier. Beautiful views and ridgeways around Muottas Muragl with an amazing view of the Upper Engadine and St. Moritz. You enjoy the railway to Muottas Muragl. You are waiting for the sun to set behind the mountains. For the light to paint the valley into a golden ocean.


Photography is usually, mostly and sometimes about planning. It’s about the right time of the day (or night) and light. Sometimes, it’s just about making the best of what’s visible. Or sensible.