long exposure

Lago di Garda, Italy

Easter at Lago di Garda, Italy.

Lake Garda is the largest lake it Italy, making it one of the most popular destinations in that area. Rightly, obviously. Shaped by the glaciers of the last Ice Age, populated by a lot of adorable villages, occupied and made alive by thousands of people.

More silent parts of the lake are rare, but exist in the more rural part of the Province of Brescia, the western part of the lake.

There are countless places to find your special part of Lake Garda. Shots were made during sunrise above Gargnano at the western part of the lake. Less touristic, less hectic. Endless cliffs make it more difficult to find the perfect spot though.

The eastern and more popular part of the lake makes it perfect for astonishing sunsets, such as at Malcesine and the sensational village of Sirmione.

Sunset at Ammersee, Germany

Time and Change at Ammersee, Germany

Time and Change: The incredible sunset at the famous Ammersee in Bavaria, Germany.

Following the tradition of capturing time and change in static medium, these photographs try to record the constant changes during sunset.

Most of the photographs had been taken at the famous boat houses at Stegen at northern strand of the lake.


The photographs are long exposure photographs. You basically need two things to achieve a similar look:

First, you will need a selection of neutral density filters (so called ND-Filters) to reduce the amount of light hitting the sensor of the camera. I usually switch between the famous (and expensive) LEE Filters (especially their exquisite gradient filters) and Haida. Usually, Haida’s ND-Filter don’t influence the color cast of a photograph that much. However, shooting in raw is an absolut must to have full control about color temperature in post production.
A common 10 stop filter reduces the amount of light by appr. 1000x times, meaning the exposure needs to be exactly 1024x times longer than without the filter.

Second, you have to use the camera’s bulb mode to extend the exposure. By using a remote control such as the Pixel Timer TW-282, the default limit of 30 seconds exposures can be ignored and prolonged. Using the bulb mode, it is possible to flatten and to smoothen fluttering surfaces like moving water. Skies will, in case light and clouds are moving fast enough, look this dramatic.  Be sure to use an extremely stable tripod to minimize camera shake as good as possible.


Sunset at Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Landscape of Scotland

There is a saying in Scotland: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” – Ok.

Photographs to prove diversity of light, landscape and weather of Scotland. Sunset and sunrise at the Quiraing and the beautiful Eilean Donan Castle, a dramatic storm over Staffin Bay at Isle of Skye. The eternal grayness of Coral Beach and its landscape near Dunvegan and Neist Point; the beautiful to and around The Storr. The neverending bens, glens and lochs of the Highlands: Loch Leven, Glen Etive. Worth the wait, looking forward to return.

Sunset over the Cuillin, Isle of Skye

Time and change on Isle of Skye, Scotland

Capturing time, color and change in a static medium.

Long exposure photography during a storm at Neist Point Lighthouse, the amazing and rare Aurora Borealis, watching the sunset changing the color at the Cuillin (seen from Elgol) and the same time of a different day at Talisker Bay on Isle of Skye.

Playa de San Martin, Asturias/Spain

The sunny coast of Asturias, Spain

The tour along the sunny coast of Asturias, Spain – the sendea costera around Llanes with its countless beautiful beaches, bays and rocks.


Sunset at Lago de la Ercina, Picos de Europa, Asturias Spain

Picos de Europa, Spain

The Picos de Europa is a range of mountains along the northern coast of Spain. The Lakes of Covadonga are composed of two glacial lakes (Lago de Enol & Lago de la Ercina) located on the region of Asturias.



Playa de las Catedrales, Asturias (Spain)

The Beaches of Galicia and Asturias, Spain

A photographic tour to the rough beaches of Galicia and Asturias to visit the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean of Northern Spain. The the ruthless and stormy weather did its best to create the most stunning experience.

From A Coruna with its Tower of Hercules, the oldest Roman lighthouse still in use, and the even older Castro de Barona, the tour lead us to the famous Playa de las Catedrales in the province of Galicia.  Keep following the Spanish coast, visit Asturias Playa del Silencio and head towards the landscape around Llanes for extensive hikes in front of the overwhelming Picos de Europa.

Wimbachtal, Berchtesgaden: Waterfalls at Sunset

Wimbachtal, Berchtesgaden

The high valley of Wimbachtal, Berchtesgaden is located at Berchtesgaden National Park, hiding between the summits of Watzmann and Hochkalter.


Obersee near Königssee, Berchtesgaden

Königssee and Obersee, Berchtesgaden

The Königssee and Obersee are natural lakes in the extreme southeast Berchtesgadener Land district of the German state of Bavaria. Most of the lake is within the Berchtesgaden National Park. The Obersee is close to the Königssee hiding between the mountains.


Landscape near All Saints Abbey, Black Forest

The landscape of the Black Forest

The Black Forest is a great forested mountain range in the southwestern Germany. A trip from North to South, from Durbach to the famous Wutachschlucht.