Sunrise at Charles Bridge, Prague

Exploring winter in Prague, Czech Republic

You want to get lost in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. Explore the maze of its endless alleys of the old town around the bends of River Vlatava/Moldau.

Prague whispers its melancholic memories

As a result, you need to listen to those stories on every corner. Roam around its roads, enter those hidden courtyards, waste time in those bars and restaurants. And while wandering, listening and living, your journey will lead you to the crowded and popular Charles Bridge, the beginning and end of every exploration. Only during sunrise you’ll most likely be alone. Those rare moments are priceless. Here, the entire European Tradition emerges. Beautiful baroque churches. The sound of music and literature. Crowned by one of the most beautiful cathedrals of the continent: St Vitus Cathedral located within the walls of Prague Castle (Pražský hrad).


The architecture continues to blow you away. Therefore, open the heavy door of the barque churches such as St Nicholas and the famous Libraries of Strahov Monastery. Continue your journey and appreciate one of the most pittoresque cities of Europe with its breathtaking urban life.


But wandering makes little tiger tired.


The City of Edinburgh, Scotland

The City of Edinburgh, Scotland

The City of Edinburgh, Scotland – the capital, the center of history and art.

Photographs of the beautiful High Kirk of Scotland: St. Giles’ Cathedral with the beautiful Thistle Chaple. Calton Hill, part of the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a stunning view over the city’s New and Old Town including the famous Edinburgh Castle.

Abbey Ebrach Interieur Crossing

Fulda Cathedral and Ebrach Abbey

Fulda Cathedral, Johann Dietzenhofer’s 18th century highlight, constitutes the high point of the Baroque district of Fulda. Ebrach Abbey used to be a Cistercian monastery in Ebrach in Oberfranken, Bavaria. Now it’s used as a young offenders’ institution. Times change.


Strasbourg Cathedral, Interieur

The Black Forest and the architecture

The Black Forest and the architecture: A photographic journey to the All Saints’ Abbey, Alpirsbach Abbey and Strasbourg Cathedral.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Strasbourg (also known as the Strasbourg Minster) is the perfect start to a short trip through the Black Forest (German: Schwarzwald) to visit some of the most beautiful remains of medieval architecture. From the ruins of All Saints’ Abbey, a former Premonstratensian monastery near Oppenau, the trip leads us to the famour Alpirsbach Abbey.

Cisterna Basilica, Istanbul

The (historic) Architecture of Istanbul, Turkey

A photographic survey of the most popular architecture of Istanbul, Turkey: Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque) and Cisterna Basilica.


A photographic snatch of Istanbul, Turkey

Abbey Seeon, Germany

Baroque & Gothic Cathedrals/Castles (Germany/France 2014)