The Mill at the Waterfall of Golling, Austria

Gollinger Wasserfall, Österreich

The so called Gollinger Wasserfall is one of the most popular landsmarkes around the city of Salzbug, Austria.

The Waterfall of Golling, Austria.

However, the waterfall’s real name is Schwarzbachfall due to the river’s name. The water, coming out of a tiny cave up the river, is freezingly cold all over the year. There is obviously much more to explore – its spring is hidden in a beautiful cave, the water’s power is used to power the water wheel of a mill along the river. Due to its beauty and rareness, the area is marked as a protected landscape (ready to be explored).



Karwendel Mountains, Austria. View from Hahnkampl

Karwendel Mountains, Austria

The Karwendel is the largest range of the Northern Alps in the Austrian State of Tyrol – The Lamsenspitze and Hahnkampl some of the summits.