Sunrise at the Bavarian Caribbean: Eibsee, Germany

At the base of the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain and close to Garmisch-Partenkirchen lies the world famous Eibsee with its eight smaller islands.

Eibsee. The Caribbean in the Alps.

The crystal clear water makes it stunning to look at. The background with the overwhelming Wettersteingebirge in the South and the beautiful but smaller Ammergauer Alps in the North creates an amazing natural habitat and a pretty popular destination among the people.

One of the hardest moments to do in landscape photography is getting up early to capture the best light possible. The light around sunrise demands getting up in the middle of the night. But that’s also one of the most important things – and when it is achieved, it also becomes the most satisfying thing. Even regardless the outcome. Experiencing the mood and light situations at those spots makes it worth the fight at night, the driving through darkness and the strange feeling wandering around in utter silence at dawn. I’d suggest to do it.

Winter Landscape, Lusen, Germany

Winter Landscape at Lusen, Bavarian Forest

Lusen is a mountain between Bavaria/Germany and Plzeň Region/Czech Republic) at the Bavarian Forest (National Park).


The Lusen mountain, 1,360m in height, is a rather popular winter destination. Due to strong winds in the rather unprotected area, snow and ice turns the landscape in surreal icy sculptures. The extinct trees due to the bark beetle makes the area look rather dead, although it is still a breathing and living area.

The Bavarian Forest together with the adjacent Bohemian Forest at the German/Czech border is a wooded low-mountain area. It is the largest protected forest area in central Europe.

Lusen, Bavarian Forest, Germany

Sunrise at Geroldsee, Germany

Winter at Geroldsee, Germany

Winter at Geroldsee, Germany: a beautiful short sunrise interrupting the dullness of a snowstorm.

Usually, the Geroldsee offers a stunning view at the Karwendel Mountains directly behind it – sometimes, during winter, it ignores its own surroundings. Thank God for that, sometimes.

Geroldsee / Wagenbrüchsee, Germany

Sunset at Ammersee, Germany

Time and Change at Ammersee, Germany

Time and Change: The incredible sunset at the famous Ammersee in Bavaria, Germany.

Following the tradition of capturing time and change in static medium, these photographs try to record the constant changes during sunset.

Most of the photographs had been taken at the famous boat houses at Stegen at northern strand of the lake.


The photographs are long exposure photographs. You basically need two things to achieve a similar look:

First, you will need a selection of neutral density filters (so called ND-Filters) to reduce the amount of light hitting the sensor of the camera. I usually switch between the famous (and expensive) LEE Filters (especially their exquisite gradient filters) and Haida. Usually, Haida’s ND-Filter don’t influence the color cast of a photograph that much. However, shooting in raw is an absolut must to have full control about color temperature in post production.
A common 10 stop filter reduces the amount of light by appr. 1000x times, meaning the exposure needs to be exactly 1024x times longer than without the filter.

Second, you have to use the camera’s bulb mode to extend the exposure. By using a remote control such as the Pixel Timer TW-282, the default limit of 30 seconds exposures can be ignored and prolonged. Using the bulb mode, it is possible to flatten and to smoothen fluttering surfaces like moving water. Skies will, in case light and clouds are moving fast enough, look this dramatic.  Be sure to use an extremely stable tripod to minimize camera shake as good as possible.


Landscape around Schwansee near Hohenschwangau, Allgäu

Winter around Hohenschwangau, Allgäu

A search for the winter around Hohenschwangau, Allgäu – visiting a cold landscape around world famous castles, beautiful lakes and missing snow.

The landscape around Hohenschwangau in front of the Allgäu Alps in the southern part of Bavaria, Germany, is the perfect scenery for the stunning Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle. The missing snow this winter as well as a gorgeous lighting during sunrise at the less visited lake of Schwansee and (if you walk for a while) Lake Alpsee makes it a beautiful and surreal destination.

The Landscape around Schrecksee, Allgäu

The Landscape around Schrecksee, Allgäu

Photographic impressions of the landscape around Schrecksee, located near the village of Hinterstein, in the Allgäu Alps of Bavaria, Germany.

Every single step towards the mountain lake of Schrecksee, located at 1813m above sea level in the beautiful landscape around Hinterstein, Allgäu, is worth the pain. The deep blue lake is hiding between the astonishing mountains of the Allgäu Alps, making it a breathtaking target of any hike around this incredible landscape.


Allgäu Nebelhorn

Nebelhorn and Gaisalpsee, Allgäu

The Nebelhorn is a 2,224 metres (7,297 ft) high mountain in the Allgäu Alps in Germany, near the village of Oberstdorf.


Wimbachtal, Berchtesgaden: Waterfalls at Sunset

Wimbachtal, Berchtesgaden

The high valley of Wimbachtal, Berchtesgaden is located at Berchtesgaden National Park, hiding between the summits of Watzmann and Hochkalter.


View from Auerspitz summit, Bayrischzell

Auerspitz Soinsee, Bayrischzell

The Auerspitz: a summit of the Mangfall Mountains near Bayrischzell, Bavaria, and the Soinsee, the beautiful mountain lake next to it.

Aiplspitz Summit, Schliersee

Aiplspitz and Jägerkamp, Schliersee

Aiplspitz and Jägerkamp, located near the Spitzingsee and Schliersee, are two mountains of the Bavarian Prealps.

To get a view behind the photoshoot, check out instagram, especially Aiplspitz and Jägerkamp.