Sunrise over Bled, Slovenia

The Landscapes of Slovenia (II) - Returning to Bled and Triglav National Park

I have not had enough of Slovenia. I need to return to Bled and Triglav National Park. Come back to drive Vršič. One more hike around Bled. Discover those gorges.

You need to come back to Slovenia one day.

Walk through the gorges of Vintgar and Tolmin. Listen to the water. Be amazed by those countless waterfalls hidden in the National Park (and funny enough, somehow easily accessible via the roads 102 / 203 / 206). Wander through the mountains, be magically dragged towards the hidden village of Planina Zajamniki. Hide in the forest and listen to the fog.

Sunrise over Bled, Slovenia

The Landscapes of Slovenia (I) - Bled and the Julian Alps

Recently, the streets led us to Slovenia and the landscape around Bled and the Julian Alps. A country I have never really thought about. How foolish of me.

In the heart of Europe: Start feeling Slovenia.

Indeed you can feel Slovenia. After a couple of days and endless hikes, you finally do understand why the country’s marketing department chose that slogan. Countless ways to discover such a beautiful country. Especially the famous sights around Lake Bled with its church on the island Blejski otok. Every single step offers stunning sceneries. Leave the more crowded area and discover stunning waterfalls in valleys like Vintgar Gorge or Tolmin Gorge. Drive winding roads towards the overwhelming Lake Bohinj. Curse the clouds to allow a peak and the stunningly pittoresque chappel of St.Primoz near Jamník. Explore the mountains around the summit of Mount Triglav in the National Park. Drive Vršič Pass. Fall in love.
Slovenia, I do get it now. I will return.

While we are here: Lago di Fusine.

On your way to Slovenia, be sure to visit the Italian part of the Julian Alps. Some miles before the border, there are two beautiful lakes hiding in front of the majestic mountains of Mt. Mangart. It perfectly prepares yourself about what lies behind the summit. (Or in the Carribean. Depens on where to go.)

To see a more detailed route of the trip around Slovenia, feel free to visit my trips description over at polarsteps.com